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Our advice

We never sell jewellery as an investment. You should buy an item of jewellery because you love the piece and want to wear it – or give it as a gift to be worn and enjoyed, looked at with love and treasured for many, many years. If, some way down the line it has increased in value then that is a bonus.

Quality is important. When you choose to buy an item of jewellery, or a timepiece you want it to last and to stay looking as good as the day you purchased it. Buy the best you can afford, buying cheaply can often be costly in the long run as many cheaper items may not give the satisfaction that you require. A cheap, lightweight hollow bracelet is not going to be suitable for everyday wear and will be worn out very quickly, leading to costly repair bills, if indeed a repair is possible. Whereas, a heavier weight bracelet with solid links will be much more durable, suitable for longer term wear and need less attention from the jeweller in his workshop.

Know your product – research your purchase. We will be only too pleased to offer our help and advice gained from experience and training to make sure that you know what you are buying. We are able to explain which are the most suitable gems for everyday wear and why this is, as well as to show you some of the more unusual gemstones that are on the market.

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